The year that ‘Tokyo Sexwhale’ won Name of the Year

Photo by: David Goehring

Photo by: David Goehring

If you were in doubt, the year was 2001. The year before, ‘Nimrod Weiselfish’ won, and in 2005 ‘Tanqueray Beavers’ completed the animal theme hat-trick.

These, and many, many more great names, can be found on the aptly named ‘Name of the Year’ blog.

Another couple of past winners and personal favourites:

2011: Taco B.M. Monster

2008: Destiny Frankenstein

2006: Princess Nocandy

1997: Courage Shabalala

God bless the Internet!

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Photos of Devon: Great Mis Tor

This gallery contains 8 photos.

A few pictures from a recent visit to Great Mis Tor between Tavistock and Princetown, including a couple of what seemed to be wasps copulating.

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Italian designer presses ‘pause’ button on speeding cabinet

The Italian designer Ferruccio Laviani has just become one of my favourites. There is one simple reason. The cabinet below, which is not a manipulated photo, but an actual cabinet.


Now living with the thing would most likely give you a headache, but how cool is it to make something that looks like a blurred image of the cabinet, as it was speeding past the camera at 100 mph?

Below are a few other pieces of furniture created by Laviani.





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Happiness is: happy students

A little happy bit for a Sunday. I was recently talking with a student and found out that she made cakes.

‘Well, you know that that means, don’t you? You have to bring a cake next time,” I said, jokingly.

For the next class, she turned up with this:

photo (1)2

Which left me feeling this happy:

photo (1)

It turned out that one of the other students (from Portugal) had brought some fish cakes, and quicker than you can say ‘let’s have a party’ there was food and chatting in 5 different languages :-)

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Presenting: Dartmoor’s most adorable, little bastard


Cute, isn’t she? And a true, wild Dartmoor Pony foal at that. How better to pick up after a blogging vacation than with an image of a cute animal….a cute animal who two seconds after this picture was taken decided to see what I tasted like. She might be small, but she’s definitely got sharp teeth, the adorable, little bastard :-)

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Photos of Devon: South Dartmoor

This gallery contains 13 photos.

A series of pictures from somewhere in the South of Dartmoor. Not quite sure where, but that’s also unimportant if you’re exploring with a good friend…what does matter, however, is wearing shorts on an exploration that takes you through patches … Continue reading

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Maps, maps, maps: Greenland and Africa, drinking and Europeans naming…privates

A little round-up of maps that I enjoy….because I’m a geek who loves maps.

First up a little map that might cause a lot of consternation in Eastern Europe: the percentage of ethnic Russians in different countries. Also know in Russia as the ‘Where are we going after Ukraine’ map…..


Next up, a map of where bunnies come from…the Playboy kind. For some reason, Alaska seems to breed a lot of bunnies.


Next up a map of what foreign languages people speak in Europe.


A look at the legislation regarding gays and politics.


Not quite sure how to explain this map, except to say that it’s a graphing of what male privates are called across Europe – and why.


Want a drink? What age are you?


Here’s an interesting one showing that Greenland is not – in spite of what most school maps show – the same size as all of Africa.


Next up a little map showing what happens if you turn Europe upside down (girl, you turn me….).


And finally, a map of media ages across the planet.


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