Cows run to groove to Lorde’s ‘Royals’

Not much to add, really :-)

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Photos of my father’s garden: The non-green stuff

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Photos from my father’s garden. This time the things that either don’t grow in the ground – or aren’t green :-)

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Photos of my father’s garden: The green stuff

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Some pictures from my father’s garden in late summer. First up, some pictures of flower, fruits and vegetables.

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New Internet meme plays with dictators and missiles

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A series of images of North Korean Dictator/Leader/All-round maniacal, homicidal weird-man Kim Jong Un visiting a missile launch has been turned from scary to funny my a new internet meme…OK, some of them are both scary and funny. OK, OK … Continue reading

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Oh, boy, you really shouldn’t have….

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I sometimes think that dogs divide the world into three categories: food, not food and potential sources of food. Yes, if you own a dog, then you’re in the last category. Now dogs being dogs start with the assumption that … Continue reading

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Of course this is from Finland!

Fins are weird. Take it from a Scandinavian…there’s are good reason we only include them in the Nordic countries….and that’s because they’re weird. It’s a country where you find the wife race, The Leningrad Cowboys, a gazillion lakes, and where it’s actually entirely legal to be called things like Mika Häkkinen. Oh, and the music. Apart from Leningrad Cowboys, they have bands like the guys below (And below them, you can find the other things mentioned above):

Wife Race:

Leningrad Cowbys (and the Red Army Choir):

Finnish lakes:

Mika Häkkinen:

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Transformers director meets UP and Frozen meets 50 Shades

The mashup genre has long since moved from music into other arts, including films. Here are a couple of sort movie trailers, showing what would happen if Transformers director Michael Bay was allowed to re-imagine the animated film UP, and what happens if you mash the popular animation Frozen (Oh God, will you please stop singing THAT song!) with 50 Shades of Grey. Enjoy :-)

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