Photos: Barcelona – Sagrada Familia interiors

The Sagrada Familia is often considered Antoni Gaudí’s masterpiece. If quality takes time, then that’s definitely got to be true, seeing as the church has been under construction for a while now…over a hundred years, to be precise.

I’d previously seen the Sagrada from the outside, and, although very, very impressive, it had never struck me as his greatest work. Personally, I prefer the Batllo, and find the outside of the Sagrada too full of figures and molten imagery on one side and too stark and forbidding on the other side….not to mention the fact that someone seems to have snuck Storm Troopers in among the other figures.

Generally, I would say that the feeling I get from the façade of Sagrada Familia is that it is somehow too hurried, too insistent on conveying its symbolism – sort of like someone trying to point out details of a beautiful statue by tapping you on the shoulder with a battle-axe. They might mean well, the statue might well be incredibly beautiful, but the whole situation is just going to be a little stressful…

Not so with the inside.

Stepping through the doors to Sagrada Familia was probably the biggest architectural surprise I have ever had. It’s like stepping into a calm, peaceful forest – a forest designed by ET’s cousin, but a forest all the same. There is really no way I can describe what it feels like (which is bad, considering that I’m supposed to make most of my living through tapping keyboards), but I can definitely recommend any- and everyone to book a ticket to see the inside of Sagrada Familia with their own eyes.

Here are some pictures from my visit:

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One Response to Photos: Barcelona – Sagrada Familia interiors

  1. My favourite building I’ve visited so far! I know what you mean about the feeling of being inside!

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