Dancing letter of resignation turns into epic viral danceoff

A recent viral letter of resignation has become a viral dance-off between the viral former employee ad her viral boss. And yes, the company in question makes viral videos. Seriously.

Confused? Good.

Lets begin at the beginning – with the end.

So, this girl decided to quit her job, right. But not in the way most people would. No, instead she did this:

Why did she quit? Here’s the explanation in her own words.

Her dancing letter of resignation went viral, as it should, especially seeing as her job was to make viral videos. Like these ones:

Right about now, you’re probably going what, what, what, what?????

OK, the company she used to work for is called Next Media Animation, and they make comical news videos…I think they’re broadcast a lot in Asia…which would, somehow, explain some of the weirdness taking place.

Anyway, her now former boss decided to respond in turn, and seeing as what he and his company does is apparently journalism….yes, I know….but hey, let’s not go there…OK, so her former boss, right? Well, he decided to respond – like this:

I mean, for a response, it’s not as sad as the dancing from the UK version of The Office, but personally I think the staff look as comfortable with their moves as the staff were with watching Ricky Gervais busting a move….

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2 Responses to Dancing letter of resignation turns into epic viral danceoff

  1. geanieroake says:

    That was great. I wondering why she quit. It looks like a fun place.

    • wokattack says:

      Yeah, it does look like a lot of fun. I think her point was that their deadlines were insane and that the only thing the company was interested in was how many clicks each video got…I guess as a journalist you sometimes want to delve into your stories and develop them, which takes time, while your editor wants it published ASAP – I know that’s a conflict I’ve been in several times myself..

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